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27 November 2014

AIRCRAFT STORIES - Passenger photographs horrifying moment SCREW comes loose from plane propeller mid-air and smashes into window

Passenger photographs horrifying moment SCREW comes loose from plane propeller mid-air and smashes into window 

  • Passenger was on board flight to Vancouver when he heard a 'pop' sound
  • Screw was embedded in window after being launched with extreme force
  • Pilot called to inspect damage said he had never seen anything like it
  • Propeller plane thought to be a Bombardier Dash 8

An airline passenger has shared an image showing the terrifying moment a screw flew off a plane mid-flight and smashed into his window.

Travelling on an Air Canada flight to Vancouver, the passenger heard a noise and saw a screw come loose from the propeller before it embedded in the window pane by his seat.

Calling himself Skips_LegDay, the traveller posted pictures on the social media site Reddit, confirming that the pilot of the flight said he had never seen anything like it before.

The user, called Skips_LegDay posted images of him posing with the screw embedded in the window
The user, called Skips_LegDay posted images of him posing with the screw embedded in the window

The user explained: 'So about halfway through my flight I heard a loud POP, looked out my window at a bolt that flew off the prop and broke through the outer pane.'

The noise caused concern among passengers, who became worried once they saw what had happened.

Skips_LegDay explained: 'People around me heard it and seemed nervous once they saw the source of the sound. I got up and went to the FA [flight attendant] and quietly told her what happened, she came over to see it then called the pilot. He said it will be fine until we land as the cabin's pressurized.

'Once we landed and people stopped snapping pics, the pilot talked to me for a while. Said he's never seen this happen in over 25 years of flying.'

The passenger said the pilot told him he had never seen anything like in all his years of flying

After posting the pictures the passenger joked that he was 'getting drunk' in Vancouver Airport as he had a second flight on the same model plane - believed to be a Bombardier Dash 8 - in the next three hours.

When questioned by others about whether the plane landed safely, the passenger explained that it did, but that the airline had since taken it out of service to fix the window panel.

He confirmed he would not complain as 'nothing bad happened' and the airline was already having to deal with delays caused by the incident.

Following a further conversation with the pilot, the user updated interested followers further, explaining that the captain had told him even aircraft manufacturer Bombardier had never seen an incident of a screw coming loose and embedding itself in a window. 

A spokesperson for Air Canada confirmed to MailOnline Travel: 'There are twelve one-inch (2.5 cm) bolts on a "prop spinner" on this particular type of aircraft (Dash 8 #300).

'While on descent into Vancouver on Nov. 25/14, (from Penticton, BC) flight #8353 had one of those twelve one- inch (2.5 cm) bolts come loose and strike one of the aircraft windows. The bolt struck the exterior pane (of two acrylic window panes) which resulted in a small hole in the exterior window pane - the interior pane was not impacted.'

The spokesperson continued: ''There was no emergency declared and the aircraft landed safely and without incident. 

This is a highly unusual incident and our maintenance personnel in Vancouver have inspected the aircraft and are making the necessary repairs.

'We do apologize to our passengers for any concern that this incident may have caused.'

The loose screw comes just weeks after a propeller on an Air Canada flight smashed into a plane during take-off injuring a passenger.

Christina Kurylo was on board a flight from Calgary to Grande Prairie, Alberta, when a tyre burst resulting in the propeller smashing into the fuselage.

Miss Kurylo was one of four people taken to hospital following the incident and said she felt lucky to have escaped with her life.

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