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Faudzil @ Ajak
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5 January 2015


Assalammualaikum to muslims and hello to non-muslims. I am YASMIN SURAYA BINTI FAUDZIL (20) , I am the youngest child in my family. 

Firtsly, thank you for visiting my late father's blog. Dear viewers, my father FAUDZIL BIN HARUN had passed away due to heart attack on the 2nd of January 2015. It was a really shocking news to us. For those who knew my father, they would know that he was a good and genius man , honest individual who are always willing to share his knowledge and experience to anyone and he was a really responsible husband and a caring father anyone could possibly ask for. 

On behalf of my family, Dear readers do pray for my late father and recite Al-fatihah for him. Having a person like my father makes the world a better place to live in. May Allah S.W.T grant him HIS heavens. Amin. May my siblings and I grow to be righteous children who will always pray for our late father. InsyaAllah.

to be continued.........


Your daughter,
Yasmin Suraya Binti Faudzil

Rahimah Bt Kayl                    (WIFE)
Mohd Faiq Bin Faudzil            (ELDEST SON)
Mohd Rafiq Bin Faudzil           (SECOND SON)
Mohd Syafique Bin Faudzil      (THIRD SON)
Mohd Falique Bin faudzil         (FOURTH SON)
Yasmin Suraya Binti Faudzil   (YOUNGEST DAUGHTER)

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