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27 June 2014

BRAIN - Recharge Your Brain in 10 Minutes


Feeling fried? Go green.Taking a walk in a tree-filled park or leafy courtyard may ease stress, finds a new British study. 

Researchers strapped portable EEG machines to people to measure their stress patterns as they entered different urban environments. The EEG results showed that brain-wave readings recorded in green spaces and parks were quieter and less aroused than those in bustling areas with heavy traffic. 

Working non-stop can cause your brain to become exhausted. But walking outdoors, even for a brief amount of time, can help your brain recover, says study author Jenny Roe, Ph.D., an environmental psychologist at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. Previous research shows that being in a natural environment appeared to cause a shift in hormone levels that in turn reduced physical signs of stress. 

Your go-to moves for unloading your brain: Head outside on your lunch break and take a 10-minute walk in the nearest park. If you can't leave the building, look out the window. Even viewing a green space can help slash symptoms of stress, fatigue, anger, and depression, Roe says. 

Source: http://new-mh.menshealth.com

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