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29 December 2014

HEALTH - Clicking joints – will oil help?

Clicking joints – will oil help?


My joints click – shoulders, knees, hips – when I am in bed and I move or stretch.
There is no pain, but I am a little bit worried.
I used to take cod liver oil and I think the clicking got better, but I am vegetarian and I have now stopped using it.
Could you tell what I could use instead? Is there an alternative to fish oil? Would star oil help?


Clicking joints are often a source of unnecessary worry to patients.
Joints click when slight irregularities on the surface of the bone, or more commonly the surrounding soft tissue (such as associated muscles or tendons), move over each other.
The problem is more common among young people and is to do with the suppleness or laxity of joints.
Specific exercises to strengthen the muscles around a clicking joint may help to reduce the condition.
It's great that this is not painful for you. Unfortunately consuming oil, any sort of oil, has no effect at all on joint lubrication.
Joints are lubricated by a substance called synovial fluid, which is produced quite naturally and adequately within the joint.
The most important thing here is not to be worried by it.
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Last updated 21.10.2014
Source: http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/ate/musclesjoints/202832.html

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