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25 December 2014

MH370 - US shooting down of MH370 'perfectly plausible': Daniel Patrick Welch

US shooting down of MH370 'perfectly plausible': Daniel Patrick Welch

An American political commentator says it is “perfectly plausible” that the United States shot down a passenger plane that went missing for several months.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Daniel Patrick Welch said, “what certainly is not plausible at all is that a plane can disappear from the face of the earth and no one knows what happened to it. The official story always seems to be just complete crap.”

He made the remarks after Marc Dugain, a former French airline boss, said there was a cover-up in the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight MH370 earlier this year.

He claimed that the aircraft was likely hijacked and possibly shot down by the US.

Dugain, who is the former head of Proteus Airlines and a well-known author, presented his theory on Friday in an article published in the French weekly, Paris Match.

According to witness reports, Dugain is convinced the Malaysian Airlines passenger plane crashed near the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia, a British territory encompassing a military base leased to the US.

Dugain also believes that the plane might have been hijacked by remote control and steered toward Diego Garcia. He added that the plane was then shot down by the US as it feared an attack against military base on the island.

One of the author’s main arguments is based on the fact that he sees it nearly impossible that the US that is “equipped with the best technology in the world” could have lost track of a 63-meter-long object.

“There are satellites all over the place. The military intelligence satellites certainly know exactly what happened at that point and they don’t typically tell each other because they don’t want to reveal the kind of the coverage that they have,” Welch said.

“You have one party acting as judge, jury, and executioner and we can’t know, we’re not allowed to know, we don’t have a right to know what happened.”

“There is no questioning this system. If the system decides that you are an enemy or they are afraid of you for any reason or you are a threat, they have the right to pull the trigger with no questions asked,” he said.

Source: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/12/23/391522/us-shooting-down-of-mh370-plausible/

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